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Men’s Health Services

At HBF Physio, we have experienced physiotherapists who can help with common concerns with the bladder, bowels, pelvis or erectile function.

No gap initial consult*

Eligible HBF members get a no gap initial general consult* with one of our physiotherapists.

*For eligible HBF members with physiotherapy extras at HBF Physio. Offer covers an initial general consultation. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Limit of one per person per calendar year. Waiting periods and other exclusions apply. View the full Terms & Conditions here.

Our Men’s Health services

Our experienced team works closely with the urologists, oncologists, sexual health physicians and exercise specialists to ensure optimal care for men.

These concerns can occur at any age and we can vary our assessment and treatment options to help you get back to normal, as soon as possible.

Men’s Health services are available at our Busselton and Midland clinics.

Men’s Health conditions we help treat

It’s more than just an appointment, we’re committed to helping you achieve your best quality of life.

Bladder leakage, poor urine stream, frequency and waking up during the night to urinate can indicate pelvic floor or prostate issues. Unfortunately, many people experience urine leakage after prostate surgery.

Our physiotherapists will make an assessment with a real-time ultrasound and design individualised pelvic floor exercise programs that can help you get back to all the activities that you love, with confidence.

Some men find they have trouble controlling wind or have leakage from the anus. Others may struggle with constipation, haemorrhoids or anal fissures.

We have pelvic health physiotherapists on hand that have undergone extensive training to help diagnose the root cause of these symptoms and provide an individualised program to improve your control and/or ability to properly relax the anal muscles.

Erectile concerns should first be discussed with a medical professional as it can be an indication of other health concerns.

Some erectile dysfunction concerns can be improved with pelvic floor muscle training and we have pelvic health physiotherapists that can provide individualised programs tailored to your needs.

Pelvic health physiotherapy can assess the musculoskeletal system carefully and treat any possible causes. Often a combination of stretches, relaxation exercises and manual therapy techniques can make a big difference in managing pelvic pain symptoms.

Treatment options for prostate cancer can include surgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

The side effects of these treatments can include incontinence (urine leakage), erectile dysfunction, loss of fitness and muscle strength and these can have an impact on your quality of life.

At HBF Physio, we provide a complete service so that you can improve your bladder control, erectile function, general fitness and muscle strength during your prostate cancer treatment and recovery phase.

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