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Frank Huang

Hi, I'm Frank Huang

Physiotherapist at Midland

Meet Frank, a seasoned and compassionate physiotherapist whose journey through healthcare began at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and continued at Curtin University. Fluent in Mandarin and holding additional qualifications in bio-pharmaceuticals and nursing, Frank brings a unique blend of clinical care to his practice.

His fascination with human anatomy and movement led him to a career in musculoskeletal health and become a physiotherapist. Witnessing clients’ transformations from pain and restricted movement to recovery and regained physical abilities is profoundly fulfilling for him.

Frank finds profound joy in helping individuals alleviate musculoskeletal pain, particularly issues like tennis and golfer’s elbow, and lower back pain. His passion for his profession is rooted in the rewarding nature of seeing his clients recover and regain their physical function.

“Whether it’s improved mobility, reduced pain, or enhanced functional abilities, each positive outcome reaffirms my commitment to physiotherapy.”

With a passion for dry needling for pain management, Frank finds great satisfaction in offering precise treatment to address trigger points and muscle tension, bringing significant pain relief and improved function for his clients. He also has a keen interest in geriatric care and sports rehabilitation, finding fulfillment in improving mobility and independence, whether it’s in the elderly or athletes.

Frank’s motivation to come to work each day stems from his passion for helping others, witnessing client progress and success stories, building meaningful connections, continuous learning and professional growth, problem-solving, and critical thinking. One of his greatest workplace successes involved successfully helping someone with chronic lower back pain achieve significant relief and functional improvement through a tailored treatment plan that included dry needling. This success reinforced his dedication to providing the best care possible.

He wishes people knew that visiting an allied health professional like a physiotherapy is not just about seeking treatment for existing health issues but also about preventive care, a holistic approach to health, active participation in recovery, individualised treatment plans, open communication, preparation for upcoming appointments, home exercises, self-management, and the role in chronic conditions.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Frank is an avid recreational runner, and he spends time at the gym, allowing him to relate to physical demands and provide personalised guidance and support to his clients on their recovery journey.

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