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Alana Kophamel

Hi, I'm Alana Kophamel

Physiotherapist at Busselton

Alana’s journey in the world of physiotherapy began University College Dublin in Ireland, where she earned her Honors degree. After honing her skills through several years of practice in the emerald isle, she decided to make the leap to Perth, craving a new and exciting adventure.

With a passion for helping people achieve and maintain their highest level of physical activity, independence, and freedom from pain, Alana is dedicated to being the catalyst for positive change. Her diverse experiences have equipped her with the understanding to work with a wide spectrum of clients, and she excels in various aspects of physiotherapy.

Alana’s resume includes extensive work with post-surgery and joint replacement clients, as well as those on the road to recovery from major fractures. Her compassionate approach has made a significant impact on her elderly clients, both within the comfort of their homes and in aged care facilities. Alana is adept at guiding them toward regaining their independence after experiencing strokes, acquired brain injuries, physical traumas, or surgical procedures.

Beyond this, Alana has devoted her skills to enhancing the lives of those battling chronic neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. Her mission is clear: to empower individuals with multiple health conditions to lead active, pain-free, mobile, and independent lives to the fullest.

In her previous roles, Alana spearheaded falls prevention classes designed for patients aged 65 and above. Thanks to her dedication, she achieved a remarkable reduction in frequent falls, making a profound impact on their safety and quality of life. Her unwavering commitment extends even to patients in palliative care, where she plays a vital role in ensuring their comfort and peace.

Alana also enjoys working with clients involved in car accidents, workplace incidents, and various sports-related injuries. Her experience in a back care clinic equipped her with the tools and compassion needed to assist those suffering from chronic pain, offering education and tailored exercise programs to help them return to the activities they love.

Beyond her life as a dedicated physiotherapist, Alana finds her own solace and thrill in the waves, as she’s an avid surfer. Her commitment to surf lifesaving and her love for spending time with friends highlight her vibrant and active life outside of the Busselton team. 

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