Frequently Asked Questions

All physio treatments covered by health insurance are subject to a waiting period of two months. We recommend you contact HBF directly regarding health cover that will suit your needs.

No. If you are paying in full or using your private health insurance, you don’t need a referral from a doctor or specialist to see one of our physiotherapists, remedial massage therapists or allied health professionals.

However, if you’re attending through the Chronic Disease Management Program (CDM) and claiming via Medicare, you will require a doctor’s referral and a plan for your initial consultation.

Similarly, Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA), Compulsory Third Party (CTP) or WorkCover claims will require a prior approval and a referral from your doctor or specialist.

In most cases, your health fund will allow you to make a claim electronically at an HBF Physio clinic. Please remember to bring your health insurance card or show your digital card at the appointment. However, there may be some instances where you need to pay upfront, and then claim benefits back directly with your health fund.

Yes. We have a range of services to facilitate early recovery and return to work for those sustaining a workplace injury. You will need the following if you wish to progress with a Workers’ Compensation claim:

  • Claim acceptance letter from your employer
  • Claim details including claim number, case manager name and contact details
  • GP referral letter

If your GP or specialist has referred you, don’t forget to bring the referral with you as it helps our team understand your history and condition a little better. Plus, they can communicate with your referrer after your appointment about your progress. Also, if you have any previous scans or imaging reports, bring those along too as they can offer your practitioner a clearer idea of your pain.

So our practitioners have a good visual and physical access to the area you have injured, it is important that you choose appropriate clothing for your appointment. We suggest loose fitting clothing such as gym attire, t-shirt or shorts, though your practitioner will offer a suitable cover (such as a gown or drape) if necessary.

If you need to disrobe for a particular treatment, our practitioners will provide a clear explanation of ‘adequate undress’ and the reason it is important.

Your potential out-of-pocket costs will depend on your level of physio cover and what treatment/s you need.

Before receiving any treatment, you should contact HBF or go to myHBF for a health benefit quote, so you know how much you’re covered for, the benefits you’ll receive and any out-of-pocket expenses.

Unfortunately not, as HBF Physio clinics focus on providing physio care. To manage your HBF health cover, please contact HBF directly.

Yes, HBF and HBF Physio are separate organisations, and we don’t share your data from one to the other. That means you’ll need to update your details with both organisations to ensure we can stay in touch with you.